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The following people are all those who have very kindly allowed us to introduce their work to the EOAC concept. Without their authorisation and help EOAC would not have been possible and we remain deeply in their debt.

While they continue to allow us to work with their aircrafts and ask nothing in return our VA debts will always mount...

Thank you

Saul Loeb, Alain Capt and Gary Carlson have been involved in a so far undisclosed EOAC project. Saul and Alain in particular have inspired EOAC from the very beginning. 


Pascal Linder of The Freeware Flight Group (FFG) has granted EOAC permission to use his Fokker 100 in the EAC livery.

Hervé Sors, is the flight dynamics designer of the EAC Fokker 100.

Sami Puro, for his help and patience over the years.

Kamal Kerba, for being Kamal Kerba.




Freeflight Design

Bill Alderson, Freeflight founder, has kindly allowed EOAC to work with any of his aircrafts. Bill is  the original designer of the ATR and Fokker 100 in EOAC fleet.



Peter Lohr

Peter is the designer of the FS2000 ATR 72.



Bob Klemm, Nick Botamer, Dean Chamblee, Kim Simmelink, Chris Grall, from Project Freeware were all involved with the design of the MD-90 which is in EOAC service.



Esa Kaihlanen is the author of the FS2000 MD-90.and has granted us permission to use it on the EOAC fleet. Esa has also very kindly gained permission from Project Freeware on our behalf.



Helge Bast (IADG) has been an inspiration with his aircraft painting. (We are not worthy!)

Special thanks goes to Frank Di Candia CEO/COO IADG, thank-you for all of your help and words of encouragement.

Andrew Richards should also (naturally) be mentioned for his A320 aircraft and flight dynamics


Jim Youngken, Rogue Air CEO has kindly given us permission to work with any of his aircrafts. Jim has been involved with the development of the ATR 72. Rogue Air have given very strong support to  EOAC during our startup.