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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 - Product information, FAQs, must have updates, SDK and other downloads. Site also includes comprehensive list of third party add-ons for FS2000.

Flight ops - Matt Zagoren has created a site long needed by the flight sim community. For too long we have struggled to obtain details on how aircrafts are actually flown and now Matt has addressed this with an excellent site dedicated to documentation on the worlds aircrafts. Matt has also very kindly allowed EOAC to utilise the data provided in our aircraft manuals. Thank you Matt! You have made our task so much easier!

Links Exchange - Virtual Airlines link exchange.

NAV - Free navigational aid viewer, map generator, and flight planner for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

GPWS98 - Here you may download additional sound files for the Ground Proximity Warning System, such as flight attendant announcements. An update for FS2000, GPWS2000 is available in file library.  

WhazzUp - preflight tool for PC Controllers and SB Pilots with a graphic representation of the Controllers and Pilots lists found on the Satnet and IVAO web pages.

Clearance Unlimited - free service with a number of charts, databases and other items primarily covering US region. - Andreas Fuchs' web site. Andreas is Deputy Director of Swiss FIR and manager of CrossOps and has been a supporter of EOAC.

Captain Slug - Flight sim aircraft designer.

AVSIM - Flight Simulation portal - Flight Simulation portal - Flight Simulation portal