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The Alliance is a shared concept of like minded VAs vehicle to extend that story to create a 'virtual airline world' with EOAC. Member VAs and their pilots may participate to a level at which they are comfortable.

Jim Youngken, Rogue Air CEO has licensed EOAC to operate Saab 340 for FS2000. Rogue Air has given strong support to  EOAC during our startup.

The Freeware Works

Saul Loeb, Alain Capt and Gary Carlson are  involved in undisclosed EOAC projects.

Pascal Linder of The Freeware Flight Group (FFG) has granted EOAC has a  license for Fokker 100.

Freeflight Design

Bill Alderson, Freeflight founder, has licensed EOAC to work on any of his aircrafts. Bill is  the original designer of the ATR and Fokker 100 in EOAC fleet.

Hervé Sors

Hervé Sors, from Prevair Group is the flight dynamics designer for the EAC Fokker 100.

Peter Lohr

Peter is the designer of the FS2000 version ATR.

Bob Klemm, Nick Botamer, Dean Chamberlain, Kim Simmelink, Chris Grall, from Project Freeware have authored MD-90 which is also in EOAC service.

Esa Kaihlanen

Helge Bast