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Incident Report


The Incidents Page has been created for two reasons:

  1. Fun! It is always nice to be able to share experience and make some excuse as to why the landing (or whatever) did not go as it should. Here is a forum for pilot's to confess to one or two mishaps without accepting

    SATCO controller's comments are welcome here too!
  2. Feedback. If the aircraft is handling badly tell us. Manufacturers are able to conduct a huge amount of testing and we are not. If suddenly you experience weather conditions causing the aircraft to behave in such a way that the passengers are at risk (and they should not be) here is the place to offer criticism. We will ALWAYS take note of these reports and our official test pilot (Mr. Alan Bergin) is reedy and waiting to recreate the conditions described.

If you can save the situation such that we can capture the conditions even better. A member of our team will be in contact ...


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Ranking system is based on pilot's contribution to the overall flight simulation experience exchange, and everyone is encouraged to share as much information as personally comfortable.

EOAC does not keep track of individuals' flight hours.