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The Alliance - latest news!

The EOAC board of directors has confirmed that a presentation has been made to Duckling Air in an effort to secure a network alliance. The statement went on to say "At least two other global partners are still in the frame. The EOAC team, however, have enjoyed a good working relationship with Duckling Air for some time and we would welcome the opportunity to initiate this new enterprise with them"...


EAOC Announces Losses for the Third Year Running

Heavy orders placed recently and the setting aside of funds for the companies planned return to the UK market have again eaten away at the airlines return to profitability. "Despite this we remain within budget and we remain on schedule with all developments" said Mr Williams, Chairman of the EOAC board. The company's backers also remain firmly committed to the future, despite persistant rumours that a 40% buyout may be on the cards in the near future. A recent press release from Geneva stated "Any new partners will be have to be dedicated to the costs of building the future"

Gabrielle Airtours Receives go-ahead    

Last week the EOAC shareholders gave their clearest indication yet that the proposed charter subsidiary currently dubbed 'Gabrielle Airtours' would be launched by the winter of this year when they announced that funds would be made available to the board.


European Overseas Airways Company set to return to the UK   

Twenty five years ago the last EOAC aircraft took of from London's Heathrow and although many EOAC aircrafts have been seen there since it has always been as visitors from Brussels, Geneva or even Paris. In 1972 the EOAC Heathrow operation was at it's height and more than sixty EOAC aircrafts were based there. Five years later there was nothing. This has left EOAC with an ambition to see the blue and gold return to London's Heathrow, the airline's birthplace. In recent months the company has made it known that it will be returning to the UK, and work on facilities in Bristol and Liverpool has already begun to allow the expected Regional operations to begin. The situation at Heathrow is not so clear, with discussions continuing regarding slot allocations. Alan Bergin, who is masterminding this operation was recently quoted as saying "The authorities should remember that 66% of this company is still British!" when asked about the difficulties in reaching a satisfactory agreement regarding Heathrow.


EOAC Asia still in doubt?   

Operations from Hong Kong continue but despite an upturn in profitability the situation with EOAC Asia is not guaranteed. The company has announced that it would close the operation if a suitable partner in the region could be found. The company has also stated that it has been holding talks with one possible partner but stressed that the situation is still far from being resolved.


Latest Bombardier product impresses   

The Dash 8 Q-400, now being delivered to a number of European airlines has impressed on recent trials. The demonstrator model currently being evaluated at Geneva has performed remarkably in some difficult conditions. The Dash 8 Q-400 is being considered as a long term replacement for the ATR 72 that are currently being operated. Even so, the ATR would remain in service for some time yet as deliveries of the Bombardier aircraft could not be completed for at least three years