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Near Miss on Heathrow approach

October 28, 2000 London, Heathrow, UK - The following is the excerpt from captain Chris Williams' testimonial to NTSB:

I was making an approach to 9L at Heathrow and all was going fine. It was 06:15 local time raining, 7/8 clouds at 3000 with high cirrus and a gusting crosswind coming from 240 (ish) degrees.

Suddenly a large saucer shaped object (about the size of the millennium dome - funnily enough....) passed to my port side, coming very close as though it too was making a (somewhat high and rapid) approach to 9L.

I managed to get a couple of snapshots before it disappeared when suddenly both engines quit, at which point I became rather more concerned with the rapidly approaching floor...

I put the nose down and increased flaps to try to keep as much altitude for as long as possible while attempting to restart the engines. Eventually I got number 1 going again (altitude about 350ft AGL and too high to safely continue with the landing. I carried out missed approach procedure, did a circuit to get back in the line of incoming aircrafts (falling in behind an SAS MD-90) before finally crabbing the approach and making a very surprisingly smooth landing...

Weird or what?