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Joining EOAC

Welcome! We are proud to greet you to European Overseas Airways Company Pilots Union.

Your initial position within the airline will vary and you are invited to make the most suitable choice based on your level of comfort; the initial positions are available in following ranks:

  • Flight Training Officer
  • Second Flying Officer
  • First Flying Officer

For more information about benefits and requirements of each rank, please refer to pilot rank system.

You are free to shape your pilot career based on your preferences and interests. You may choose to remain First Flying Officer and fly any aircraft anywhere, or you may decide to specialize in one or more aircraft types, receiving ratings for each of them individually. Contributors to the Flight Officer training curriculum, fleet, flight operations, may climb the ladder Chief Pilot position and beyond. The more involved you are in shared experience of EOAC operations, more benefits you get.

Remember, you are free to make decisions on your own, for yourself. The only requirement to keep a rank in active membership is one flight report (PIREP) per month. Applying for a pilot position in EOAC you are agreeing to the rules of conduct, fair use policy and other regulations set by EOAC and the Pilots Union.


When you feel ready to join EOAC, please fill out the application form.


See you!